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Watercolor and botanical painting workshop

Botanical painting, an art that has been somewhat forgotten in France is a real passion to which I have devoted myself for several years. The following simple tutorials will enable you to learn all the techniques of botanical painting allowing you to capture the beauty of your favorite flowers.

The book

Order your book now and begin
your watercolor adventure!

This book is an introduction to the method of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Learn the technique step by step with many examples and photos. Illustrated with copies of works and watercolors by the author, you will learn the basic techniques to make your own compositions.

The book is endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew with a preface written by Dr Martyn Rix editor Curtis’s Botanical Magazine Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Discover and join the workshops all levels of watercolor throughout the year.

Join one of the Botanical painting courses in Videoconference, or workshop in the South of the France in Vence and Nice. You can learn how to capture the essence of your garden from a choice of flowers that you appreciate.

Video tutorial on watercolor techniques

You want to learn botanical painting but you do not know where to begin? Discover the guided video lessons to learn the technique step by step at your own pace. Title of the tutorial are in French and the video have English subtitle.

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